Grease Traps

FOG (Fats, Oil, and Grease) Control Program

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) are a constant concern for any sewer system. Food service establishments (FSE) are a significant source of FOG due to the amount of grease that is used in cooking and other food preparation. Transportation service establishments (TSE) are also a significant source of oil and grease. When poured down the drain, FOG hardens inside of pipes, constricting wastewater flow and clogging pipes. This can lead to sewer backups into your business. Cleaning clogged pipes and responding to sewer backups is costly to business owners and the Town.

Lyons Municipal Code 13-4-160 requires the installation and maintenance of grease traps in all food and transportation service establishments.  The code includes:

1.    All traps shall be opened, inspected and maintained a minimum of once per month.

2.    The owner shall maintain records of all trap cleaning, maintenance, disposal and repair, and shall make all records available to the Town Administrator upon demand. Such records shall include the date and time of the event recorded, as well as the date the record was created, and shall include the amount of material pumped, the repair conducted or similar description of the recorded event. All records shall be signed by the authorized owner or a representative of the owner or operator. If cleaning and maintenance are done by fcaility owners, written maintenance and cleaning procedures, as well as the above-required records, are required and shall be made available to the Town Administrator upon demand. All required written records shall be maintained for three (3) years from the date the record was created.

3.    Pumping of all traps shall be performed when, in the case of a grease trap, the total volume of captured FOG and food sludge in a grease trap or, in the case of a sand and oil trap, the total volume of captured sand and oil, displaces twenty percent (20%) or more of the volume of the trap. Pumping the trap means emptying it and cleaning the side walls, cross pipes and inlet and outlet pipes.

You are also responsible for understanding all of the Lyons Municipal Code with regard to grease traps.

To help businesses maintain their records the Town has developed a quarterly reporting form.  
The Town currently requests these records from businesses on an annual basis. You can help keep your records up to date by submitting the form and required documentation via the Grease Trap Reporting Form >>.