Pressure Relief & Reducing Valve

Pressure Reducing Valve
A water pressure reducing valve (PRV) automatically reduces the pressure from the water supply main to a lower, more sensible pressure. Even if the supply water pressure fluctuates, the pressure reducing valve ensures a constant flow of water at a functional pressure, as long as the supply pressure does not drop below the valve's pre-set pressure.

The Town recognizes not all of the buildings were constructed or retrofit with PRV’s and that having these PRV’s in individual units that meet the criteria provide a benefit to the Town in as much of a benefit to the building owner. The Town has identified a rebate program as a way to benefit both the individual building owner and the Town.

Pressure Reducing Valve Rebate Progam

Pressure Relief Valve
The Town of Lyons Public Works Department, in conjunction with the Lyons Fire Protection District, periodically flushes the Town's water system. This will cause some pressure fluctuation in the waterlines throughout town. In the past, some homeowners and businesses have experienced some damage to their property because the water heater was not installed properly. Please take a moment to make sure the pressure relief valve has a pipe hose draining into a floor drain. The Town of Lyons will not be liable for any damages caused to property because of this issue.

Thank you for your cooperation with checking your hot water heater.
Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve