Green Goo by Sierra Sage Herbs

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424 Main St. View on Google Maps
Lyons, CO 80540
(303) 823-2468

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424 Main St. is the administrative offices of Green Goo/Sierra Sage.

Women-owned, family-operated, USA-made, certified B Corp, natural body care.

Sierra Sage / Green Goo formulas are created using timeless homeopathic herbal wisdom with natural ingredients to produce Food for Your Skin. We are Rethinking First Aid™ and Body Care Products. No bad stuff. No sneaky stuff.

We bring the Farm to Farmacy by carefully selecting only the purest, most sustainable herbs and essential oils. Our herbs are carefully harvested at their peak from organic farmers or organically grown in house. We infuse our fresh and dried herbs in organic oils, rather than using premade extracts, to increase the medicinal value of our products. This process maximizes the potency of our products, taking the healing properties of the plants to the next level.

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