Lyons Film Festival

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Past Dates & Times

  • Saturday, Apr 6, 2019 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Rogers Hall - 408 High St.

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The 5th Annual Lyons International Film Festival is Saturday, April 6, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., at Rogers Hall. This year's films are devoted to those who love nature, the outdoors and connecting to others. The film festival has a mixture of documentaries and fun stories, including stories about resilience, the individualist, the trailblazer, and those who take the road less traveled. There will be a block of films in the morning that may have a special appeal to seniors, titled "Golden and Wise." All the films are upbeat and will appeal to the visionary and fighting spirit in everyone. The films were selected with the Lyons in mind.

There will also be foreign films! Filmmakers from all over the world will be traveling to Lyons to represent their film.

The tickets are on sale now via An all-day pass to all the films is $25, and tickets to the individual blocks are $10.

Colorado Festival Productions

Colorado Festival Productions programs FIVE exciting Film Festivals on the Colorado Front Range that engage our audiences in creative and exciting ways. We entrust a core team to work on all our festivals year-round to ensure your experience will never be boring or bland. Our team finds creative solutions to practical limitations; Nothing is Impossible is our ethos and we find a way to accomplish our festival visions. We are focused on the experience of our audiences! We engage with our Sponsors so they feel involved and try to create a mutually-beneficial relationship. Our film program spotlights the issues and celebrations that effect us all locally and abroad with works from both established and newly-discovered film makers, workshops and seminars. Ultimately, we feel film has the power to create a call to action! Let us inspire you to follow your passion. It can all start at one of our festivals.

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