Completed Capital & Recovery Projects

Improvements for the Lyons Streetscape Project include a traffic signal at the Stone Canyon/McConnell Drive intersection at US 36. It also includes landscaping and drainage from the Black Bear Hole parking lot west to 3rd Avenue. This project was placed on temporary hold in the wake of the September 2013 flood.

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The St. Vrain Creek restoration entails river way improvements including rock formations and re-vegetation, to reintroduce wetlands, slow the flow of the river, and create natural areas for fish and plants to thrive and support recreational use of the river. The project will also reestablish pedestrian paths and access points for river users.
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The project includes the replacement of domestic water mains; replacement of sanitary sewer mains; installation of storm drains; reconnection of utility services; and the placement of concrete curb and gutter and asphalt pavement. The utility work was completed between the fall of 2015 and spring of 2016. Grading and street construction occured in the spring and early summer of 2016.