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The Lyons Redstone Museum (the town’s old schoolhouse built in 1881) is one place in Lyons, Colorado for folks to visit.  It features Lyons history in displays, photographs, and genealogy.  There is also and gift shop, including a library of books for sale. The Museum is open daily May through September.  Our visitors include tourists, residents, past and present students, and those “seeking their heritage”. 

The red sandstone school house was originally built as a 30 foot by 40 foot stone one-room school building in 1881. The stone was obtained from the nearby quarries, and was completed and ready for the 40 students the fall of 1882, with Mr. T. J. Thorne as the first teacher.

Another room was built in 1885 to house the influx of students coming to the new quarry town. In 1891, 130 students squeezed in two-seated chairs. In 1895, the stone building was remodeled again this time into a four-room, two-story building - to house the 173 students of the growing town - which is how the building looks today.

The building was saved from the wrecker's bar in May 1977, with a 3-way lease between the Town of Lyons, the St. Vrain School District, and the Lyons Historical Society, and designated to be the Town Museum. After restoring the interior with three furnaces, electrical outlets, paint, and more, the museum was open for the first time by volunteers in 1978. In 1983, the Town awarded a grant to hire employees to keep it open to the public.

In 1895 the stone building was remodeled into a two-story building with two classrooms. Then in the spring of 1902 it was remodeled again this time into a four-room, two-story building, looking like it does today.